Sarah & Derek

Sarah and Derek…engaged! So we went one perfectly sunny afternoon to the LA arboretum and photographed them. I am very lucky they have chosen me to document their love and their big day coming up soon. Here are a few of my favorites from the day!






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Memories are Important

I have a tear in my eye as I finish up my now two years old niece’s birthday slideshow. Memories are important. The memories of our families, our smiles, and our personalities should be valued. We need to photograph your family the way they are today. We need to capture their wildness and kindness, honesty and bright eyes, quirkiness and youth. Whether it is big smiles or sleepy eyes. Today will soon be the past, but can always be revisited through an image.


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The Perlin Family

Kathryn is a very creative, witty, and beautiful woman with a fun (and always well dressed!) little family to match. Her are a few favorites from her family portrait of three (and, most importantly, soon to be four!)…



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