Well, as many of you know, I’m not from here (a couple people say that I’ve begun to pick up a Kiwi accent, but I’m sure I say “like” way too many times for that to ever work). And I can’t believe my first year in Christchurch is coming to an end. Whoooozeeeee (the noise a year passing by would make?)! But a girl does get homesick. Therefore, I WILL BE IN CALIFORNIA FOR THE MONTH OF AUGUST (Mexican food here I come!). This is a heads up to New Zealand that I won’t be around, and a heads up to California to book me if you want. I WILL ONLY BE ACCEPTING 10 PORTRAITS while I am in Claremont to ensure I have enough quality time to catch up with family and friends. So please, if you are interested contact me sooner rather than later to save your spot. Also, THOSE WHO BOOK IN ADVANCE WILL RECEIVE DISCOUNTS. Yippeeee goodbye winter and helloooo sun!

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