I adore couples in love. And especially the ones who are proud to show the world. What can be better than an entire day dedicated to the love of everything that is good in life? The love of family, of friends, of food, of music, of beauty, of fun, of color, and (most importantly) of each other. Everyone important in your lives coming from near and far to celebrate the unique love you have found and wishing you well. A day of hugs, handshakes, and laughter from friends new and old.  All the anticipation and excitement turns quite an ordinary day into one with undeniable energy.

I am completely head-over-heels in love with photography and cannot wait to share this passion with you. I believe full heartedly in photography’s power to beautifully capture fleeting moments that will not only last your lifetime, but for generations to come. Your wedding day will be documented with style and grace. With a documentary and traditional approach, expect a combination of creative sensitivity, whimsy, and extreme attention to details. Not only is it about timeless images that capture all the emotion and excitement that love and family provide, but lending a professional hand and warm smile to ease some of the wedding stress.

Choosing a wedding photographer isn’t just about getting butterflies when you look at their work, but a good fit of personalities. Have a look through my website and if you like what you see, let’s meet for a coffee. I’m always super excited when I receive an email from a future bride filled with details describing their day. I want to hear about your story, your family, and what is most important to you about your wedding photography. It is always an honor when a couple chooses me to document this monumental occasion and I do so with all I know how to give.

Okay, now for the good stuff! Every image you will see warms my heart in some way and that is why I’ve chosen to share them with you.

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